Actions in Views Bulk Operations

Views Bulk Operations come handy when doing bulk operations over a selected list. This is great because it combines the power of views to filter the selection and specific actions to do on each selected entity. For Ex: Updating some field in the record, deleting selected entity and so on.

Views also provide an easier way to define your own set of custom functions to perform on each selected row of entities.

First, we need to define an action :

Executing Views Bulk Operations Using Drush

Many times we use Views Buk Operations with Batch Api for doing a big set of operations. When the count of operations is huge, even Batch API gets short. A faster and more efficient way to do that is using drush to do the heavy backlifting.

The commands are:

vbo-execute      Execute a bulk operation based on a Views Bulk Operations (VBO) view.                                                   
vbo-list             List all Views Bulk Operations (VBO) views, along with the operations associated with each.